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Sound Bath

Coming together in a sacred space to bathe in healing soundscape of gong, singing bowls, drum and medicine songs

Sound Bath with Aya’s Healing Lab is a sacred space to connect with spirituality, to rest and heal. Sound Healing is gaining popularity due to the tangible effects you experience from the get go. No previous experience is necessary as you will be guided into deep meditative timeout where everything is possible.

Lots of research has been conducted to show beneficial effects sound have on our blood cells, brain, muscles, bones and all the systems within our body. Whatever you are working to improve - your health or wellbeing, Sound Bath is a beautiful, simple, effective medicine that is available to everyone.

People that come to these sessions always leave rejuvenated and inspired on a very profound level.

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Shamanic Sound Savasana 1:1

Tailored directly to you needs, following a consultation, this one on one session is all about getting what you want

For the ultimate restoration and renewal, this unique relaxing treatment will affect every cell of your body - vibrating and tuning you to the highest frequencies found within intentional soundscapes and Reiki energy.

The instruments are placed directly on your body, working deeply on the affected areas. You will experience the vibrations going deep under you skin, your brainwaves will slow down to Theta and Delta waves, just as when you sleep.

Sound Healing has many applications; it works on mental distress, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck with projects, relationships, moving any stagnant areas in your life. It also works on physical illnesses - wave after wave, bringing the body to its natural balanced state.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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