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Our true nature is so much more that our ego, the roles we play, jobs we do... Our true nature is found through the unfolding of polarities. By growing acceptance, bringing all the polarities together, getting congruity, becoming true to ourselves, connected - we tap into the source of happiness, pool of energy buzzing with inspiration and potential.

My intention is to earn my living with integrity, genuinely. To continue with my growth and support others by being fully present and share my gitfs. 

I believe in simple, effective and beautiful medicine that is available to everyone and comes from within. I believe it is possible to create world where we listen to each other, respect differences and live sustainably.

Change in the world starts with oneself. Be the change you want to see. Relax.


Soundbaths - resting in the space of the heart

Welcome home to yourself - guided by the ancient sounds of instruments from all around the world as well as voice and medicine songs, you are guided on a shamanic journey to the roots of yourself.

Wave after wave of harmonious frequencies, your body goes in the state of deep relaxation where healing occurs naturally. Your mind is also invited to slow down, and if you allow it to happen it can stop completely creating space for you to experience reality as it is… pure love and delight of life that you are part of.

I use gong beaten in Wuhan and also singing bowls made in Kathmandu, drums and rattles I made in South America, overtone flute, and many more… because of their ability to alter states of consciousness, amplify the experience and bring whatever you need to relax, rejuvenate and move on.

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Shamanic Sound Immersion 1:1

For the ultimate restoration and renewal, this unique relaxing treatment will affect every cell of your body - vibrating and tuning you to the highest frequencies found within intentional soundscapes and Reiki energy. Working a combination of sound massage including gong, drum, voice, and tuning forks alongside Reiki healing to cleanse and purify your body and bring your mind to a still point.

You will be guided to a profound meditative time-out. You will go very deep, as your brainwaves slow down to a sleep-like trance state where healing occurs naturally. This is shamanic journey to the source. Whatever you are in need of – healing of physical symptoms, release from mental distress, seeking a way out from being stuck – this treatment will help, nourish and support you.

Investment: £60 for one hour session. To book please contact me.

Four Hand Shamanic Treatment

It is a lush pampering experience to have yourself attended to by two practitioners at the same time, it simply has to be experienced! The effects of the treatment are long lasting and the body feels relaxed yet energised, the mind refreshed, the soul revived. Any pain, sadness, stress… is gone.

Price per person: £85.00 for 1 hour session.

In collaboration with Kimbers.

Contact me to book or for more details.

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