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Aya’s Healing Lab
Sound and Shamanic Arts



I am a writer, singer and a medicine woman. I weave stories and sounds to create nourishing spaces for connection and embodied knowing. I’m part of the awakening to true unconditional love and freedom movement that is simultaneously happening all around the globe. Deep Democracy facilitator, Yoga Nidra teacher and Sound Healing practitioner. In my practice I draw from the shamanic traditions of indigenous Americans where I was initiated into spiritual connection with fire and mother Earth. I’m also engaged in uncovering of our indigenous European ways through legends, myths and sitting together around fire.



For the past ten years, I have been helping people to reconnect with their power. With a background in psychology and with my self inquiry in shamanic practices, I have a thorough understanding of the dimensions of human existence and know what it takes to support a client’s journey to transformation.

Whether you’re suffering anxiety, depression, need guidance in a pivotal time in your life, you are tired of feeling stuck with your project or you would like to reconnect with your own shamanic potential, I can help you to navigate the landscapes and reach the best outcome.



Client Reviews

You were beyond incredible. I will absolutely speak to my contacts about that because I will recommend you to everyone I know ~ you were so incredible and I am so so so thankful to you
— AJ Hartley
“Are you the gong lady? oh my God, the Sound Bath was the best thing that happened to me at Shambala!”
— Jenny, Adventurer in Utopia
“Aya!!!!!! Beautiful sister! I am so happy to have met you and to have connected with you. Please please please do sound baths, you are amazing with them!”
— Lera Mimizu