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Aya’s Healing Lab is rooted in silence and presence. This is the real source of Wild Wisdom that guides all shamanic practice. Her pilgrimage took her 20 years; to heal her wounds completely and to learn how to support and guide others. During that time she developed strong connection with all elements, plant spirits, her drum & rattle and ancient instruments from Tibet - gong and singing bowls. In deep rest and silence she found the one thing that’s unchangeable. Deep rest and silence is what she is committed to share.

Acknowledging that she needs formal reference for education, she gained MA in social regeneration and became certified practitioner in the Sound and Tribal Healing. She is a writer, community builder and deep democracy facilitator.

Aya is a community builder, Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner. She gained her certificates at the London College of Spirituality (Reiki) and Ansu School of Sound and Tribal Arts (Sound Healing). She went on a pilgrimage in India to connect with tantra, meditation, yoga and mantra. Another pilgrimage in UK, Poland and Colombia connected her with the Native American way of healing and praying.

I weave stories and sounds to create nourishing spaces for connection and embodied knowing. I'm part of the awakening to true unconditional love and freedom movement that is simultaneously happening all around the globe. I practice Deep Democracy, Yoga Nidra, chanting and singing. Sound Healing is my gift, my human design to support the humanity to raise vibrations and change the way we are at home in our bodies, and the home of our planet. In my practice I'm drawing from the shamanic traditions of indigenous Americans where I was initiated into spiritual connection with fire and mother Earth. I also draw from European legends, myths and stories and I'm engaged in uncovering of my indigenous ways.

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