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I was born to a family where addiction was stronger than love. Many blessings to my parents who taught me strength, self-discipline, perseverance and courage; they are the starting point of my journey. A journey that took me through environmental activism, therapy, dance, yoga, meditation and nature.

I am grateful to my many teachers and all the lessons that life brought me. Each experience I learn is like mastering an instrument. What I can do with my instruments is to conduct an orchestra: everything has its perfect time and space, everything is useful. Together they have potential to create beautiful music. It takes skill, effort and luck to make it just right.

More formally, I gained MA hons in Educational Science and spent almost half of my life teaching children that under-achieve in traditional schools, and enabling change for adults with various issues. Most influential for me has been training with Processwork UK, Deep Democracy Institute, and my personal practice of meditation and yoga.

I practice meditation in various forms and shapes: I use Tibetan singing bowls and gong because of their ability to deeply relax and rejuvenate in a beautifully simplistic way. I love Shamanic drum journeying because it connects to the wild in us and invites imagination and insight.

I love working with people in search of balance, compassion, insight and inspiration.

I value simplicity of the present moment

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