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Massage Therapy with Vibrational Sound

  • Eastern Yoga Therapy Rooms 46 Greenbank Road Bristol, England, BS5 6EY United Kingdom (map)

For the ultimate restoration and renewal, this unique relaxing treatment will affect every cell of your body - vibrating and tuning you to the highest frequencies found within intentional soundscapes and Reiki energy. Working a combination of sound massage including gong, drum, voice, and tuning forks alongside hands-on Reiki healing to cleanse and purify your body and mind.

Attended by experienced practitioner you will be guided to a profound meditative time-out. You will go deep in a trance-like state as your brainwaves slow down to a sleep-like frequency where everything is possible. Whatever you are in need of – healing of physical symptoms, release from mental distress, seeking a way out from being stuck – this treatment will help, nourish and support you.

You will be asked to lie down and wrapped in a warm blanket before the treatment begins, this is for the comfort of the body. People often say they experience body sensations, visions, memories, feelings of floating etc. These sensations are neither good nor bad, they just are. We invite you to go deeper and deeper and let go of any effort. Allow your awareness to stay with us and keep surrendering to the present moment; relax and receive. Afterwards you will be gently brought back into your body with plenty of water and fragrant essential oils to ground you back in the reality.

What is so special about the treatment?

It is a lush pampering experience, that simply has to be experienced! The effects of the treatment are long lasting and the body feels relaxed yet energised, the mind refreshed, the soul revived. Any pain, sadness, stress… is gone.

Investment: £45 for one hour session