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Sound Camp 2018

  • Coombe Farm Cove, Tiverton EX16 7RU (map)

Around the campfire, on Friday night,

A beautiful collaboration with Belén will guide you to connect with your spirit. Supported by the Fire, native american flutes, drums and medicine songs, you will journey within. Medicine songs have this unique ability to touch you deeply, flutes are truly enchanting, and the drum is the heartbeat... It is such a delight to gather around the campfire. Our ancestors (whichever land you come from) had special appreciacion for fire, it's an ancient way to come together, share, connect, transform... Lets live the life that we would love. See you there.

Heart felt relaxation with medicine song

This will be one hour of settling in the space of the heart. This kind of rest is very transformational, and the medicine songs just sink so deep in the tissue of the body bringing sense of contentment, compassion and love.

I will be running this workshop for an hour in the morning and repeated in the afternoon.

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