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FULL MOON SHAMANIC DRUM Journeying – monthly circle for all genders

  • Bristol Goddess Temple Tower Road North Bristol, England, BS30 8YE United Kingdom (map)

Empowerment and humbleness. It’s time to reach to all known resources to connect with the unlimited source of love and compassion within – for ourselves and all around us.

This series of 2-hour ritual held once a month is intended to connect us with the divine. We will reach beyond the known to gain guidance, power and wisdom. We will aim to do that individually and collectively, travelling through many different portals. We will aid ourselves with plant spirits, animal spirits, fire and drum. Doing so, we will explore our true nature, go beyond our fear and illusion and outgrow some of our limitations. In a friendly circle of women, we will journey, share, support each other, sing and celebrate,.

Following considerations:

This group will progress as we go along. It’s a journey itself; flexibly flowing with our energies and the flow of creation. However we would like to remain open to new participants if they wish to join – please get in touch for a chat.

Please bring a flat drum or a rattle if you have one (not essential)

Please bring some chocolate/dried fruit for sharing

Please let me know if you are allergic to any plants

There will be fair amount of smoke from burning plants and resins – please let me know if that would be an issue

Feel free to bring an object to put on the altar

It’s OK not to take part actively but the more you surrender and the more you offer yourself as a gift, the more you will gain from this experience.

If for some reason money stand in your way to be part of this circle, please get in touch. Exchange is important part of life – spiritual or not – but I would like to keep this space accessible.

COST: sliding scale: £15-£9

TIME: Every full moon 7pm-9pm (25 Sep, 24 Oct, 23 Nov, 22 Dec)

More info here.