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1:1 therapy at Buddhafield Festival

1:1 Sound Healing // 1:1 Vibrational Sound Savasana // Shamanic Sound Immersion

For the ultimate restoration and renewal, this unique relaxing treatment will affect every cell of your body - vibrating and tuning you to the highest frequencies found within intentional soundscapes and Reiki energy. Working a combination of sound massage including gong, drum, voice, and tuning forks alongside Reiki healing to cleanse and purify your body and bring your mind to a still point.

You will be guided to a profound meditative time-out. You will go very deep, as your brainwaves slow down to a sleep-like trance state where healing occurs naturally.

This is shamanic journey to the source. Whatever you are in need of – healing of physical symptoms, release from mental distress, seeking a way out from being stuck – this treatment will help, nourish and support you.

The experience is unforgettable and very powerful. You will lay down in Savasana and will have the bowls placed on your body, you will feel them vibrating and resonating in you body. Bones are especially good in transporting the vibrations deep in the tissues delivering the healing frequencies where they are needed. Bowls, drum, gong, rattle, medicine song... all are woven intuitively for deep restoration and healing. They will work on physical level - helping with pain and illness - and on emotional, mental and spiritual level too.

Words are not enough to describe this treatment, it has to be experienced.

Buddhafield Festival