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4 feminine archetypes - half day retreat in nature for playful exploration

Playful Exploration of 4 feminine archetypes - half day retreat in nature

At the recent women's retreat in Devon, sitting in a circle, tears in the eyes of all the 36 women, one of the participants said "there are many ways to be a woman". There is nothing more powerful than a woman accepting herself for who she is, resting in her ever changing tides of energy levels, feelings and attitudes.

This half day retreat in nature near Bristol is an invitation to explore the feminine archetypes - the wise woman, the mother, the maiden and the slut (enchantress). We will do it together, with a ritual, storytelling, song, shamanic journeying, and more... The space is open for co-creation and all gifts, voices and sharing of any kind is welcome. 

People of all genders are welcome to join the playful exploration. After all, there is no fixed way to being a woman.

If you are interested, just come with an open mind, bring food for sharing and all the essentials for a picnic, we will finish our half day retreat nourishing our bodies with birdsong, good company, giggles and healthy food in the soft embrace of trees out in nature.

What to expect:

The whole workshop will be jointly created by everyone and will flow according to our needs and desires. There is however a loose structure to start us off with. We will have a ritual to open the space for safe exploration of sometimes risky or painful areas. We will create a feminine medicine wheel using items, symbols, stories, sounds, movement, intuition - the four directions of the wheel will be the four archetypes of a woman - the maiden, the mother, the crone, and the enchantress. There will be opportunity for healing, for releasing old patterns, making space for new growth, opening up to new ideas... 

What to bring:

Warm clothes, water, food for sharing, blanket, 4 items that represent the 4 archetypes for you, drum or rattle if you have one. 

About the facilitator:

Aya Zebrowska is a community builder and medicine woman. She skillfully weaves stories and sounds to create nourishing spaces for connection and embodied knowing. She is part of the awakening to true unconditional love and freedom movement that is simultaneously happening all around the globe. Deep Democracy facilitator, Yoga Nidra teacher and Sound Healing practitioner. In her practice she is drawing from the shamanic traditions of indigenous Americans where she was initiated into spiritual connection with fire and mother Earth. She is also connected to European legends, myths and stories and is engaged in uncovering of our indigenous ways.

Venue: TBC, near Bristol, outdoors

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