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Shamanic Initiation Retreat

Early Spring 2020

A circle of sisters. A gathering of wild-hearted women. It’s a coming together, and coming home. It’s a gently held unfolding of the intrinsic shamanic power that are within you.  We will use tools like meditation, songs, dance, embodied movement and ritual to deepen connection with our intuition and the world around us. We will work on our intimate relationship with Earth, Fire, Water and Air. We will learn how to turn the limitations into the energy needed to move forward. We will experience the clarity of wisdom that comes from the subtle realms. It’s a time spent together in awe of the power and beauty of Creation. Together we will grow stronger. Connected.

Together we will access more of our potential. We will celebrate, laugh, shed the old skin and plant new seeds.

You will come back a different woman. The transformation will be visible to your friends and family. 

This retreat will offer initiation into the path of a Medicine Woman for those who wish to take it. You don’t have to make your choice now. My invitation is to let it unfold naturally. You can make your choice on the day, guided by the whispers of your soul.

who is this for

Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. You don’t need previous certificates and diplomas. Please come if you have an inkling that shamanic path is knocking on your door. If you are curious about forces beyond the consensus reality, if you dare to go deeper in search of knowledge - about yourself or any aspect of the creation then this space is for you. We will co-create and hold the space together, for every each one of us. Come if you smile at the idea of spending time in a circle of sisters. If you would like to share your shiny self, if you would like to take time to really tune in to the wind rustling through the leaves and unlock the wisdom of a rock…

how did it come to be

II received a vision 9 months ago to hold a space for women who are choosing the path of a Medicine Woman. For the first few months I succeed at ignoring it. Who? Me? What do I know?

I just didn’t believe that my experience or relationship with the Spirit was of much significance. And then came summer and the festival season when I travel to be of service to people in need of healing, or directions in life. And it was then that it came again; 95% of my clients were women. And most of those women received a form of re-activation or initiation into their shamanic powers. It just happened like that. See, when I do my shamanic healing sessions I never know what’s going to happen and how. So there it was; the Medicine Wheel knocking on my door again, showing me the direction.

So I said Yes to this invitation, and almost immediately everything aligned to support this birth giving. And I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised when people started expressing their interest even before we created a website or any formal publicity. The intention for this retreat is to be of service to women who are on their path of self discovery and feel the calling to explore and advance their intuition and their natural and inherent shamanic powers. We want women to unfold their wings in search of Deep Embodied Knowing by creating a nurturing and inspiring space with a busy schedule. We wish for the women to expand in the ability to navigate subtle realms by dropping down to the body and accessing a much richer awareness. We want to support a steady growth of independent shamanic inquiry, strongly rooted in connection with nature. This retreat will be adaptogenic - it will give you exactly what you need - healing, rest, insight, energy, purification, release… The mystery will unfold in a perfect way.

shamanic traditions

We will be drawing from rich traditions of Native Americans, Aboriginals, Celts and Eastern Europeans. I have a lot of respect for those ways and everything we will do will honor the people who preserved the lineages so that we can learn from them. It is so important - to be acknowledged and appreciated but it is even more important for us to find our own unique way.

the venue

Work in progress… We are looking in south Greece, south Italy, Ibiza and Portugal.

if you would like to know more, please contact aya