The Embodied Feminine

Life Coaching

Imagine yourself living the life you’ve always wanted. Awakening the embodied sense of freedom and passion in every aspect of your being.

Aya offers a deeply grounded space for transformation and growth.

Re-connecting women with their womb wisdom and blood mystery to broaden their sense of self.

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Three Women
Women in White

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Feedback from a recent session: “Aya, you are like a pure light, you bring in so much love and compassion, that something in me melts and I see myself like you see me - powerful, grounded, capable. I cannot thank you enough; meeting you was the best thing that happened to me.”

Welcome to path of the embodied feminine.

Aya’s therapeutic approach is one that guides you back home to your heart, to awaken your innate sense of aliveness and instinct. Each session is an uninhibited expression of love and understanding which invites you into your highest potential.

It’s a misnomer that one requires many years of therapy to arrive at this place. In these sessions you are safe to explore any and everything you feel is holding you back. Going entirely at your own pace, without the need to share your entire life story, you will arrive at your own self-discovery and healing.

Aya has an extensive repertoire of healing experience and academic qualifications to assist you on this journey. You can trust that your experience will be informative, creative, and heart-centred; as she draws from seven years of psychology training. She compliments this with an understanding of somatic process work, relationship dynamics, and the healing of trauma, delicately intertwined with the wisdom of meso-American shamans and middle eastern zen masters.

Following your intuition, creating rituals and setting intention… 

Ritual is a perfect milestone which brings meaning and integration to your ever-unfolding journey. The work is so simple; the human psyche is the metaphor of the body. If we get a bruise, our body works perfectly to repair it; natural healing occurs until the skin is fully healed. Similarly, our psyche can experience ‘bruising’ in the form of trauma or conditioning.

It’s a truth that your body and soul loves you unconditionally and once this is realised, healing is effortless, resulting in deep peace and a homecoming to yourself.

That’s what Aya does: She’s a midwife, bringing to life deeper connections, intuition, healing, igniting beautiful relationships and juicy sexuality that are bursting with vital energy.

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working with the moon

Our work will flow with your cycle and / or with phases of the Moon.

We will start when you are in your Crone; the wise old woman, the one who takes no bullshit, who knows it all, the shedding and the winter of your cycle. 

As the Moon gracefully journeys through weaning and waxing to reach the full light and darkness, we will join her to uncover the gems of your soul. 

Curious how to integrate such mystery in your life?

Moon Clouds
Quechua Indigenous Women