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Sound Bath

Nourishing Rest in Healing Frequencies

A delicious immersion in the sounds of gong, bowls, drum, flute and voice - all woven together to facilitate a beautiful journey back into the heart, reminding us of the love that we are.

Growing scientific research is showing just how beneficial a Sound Bath is for our body, nervous system and emotional well-being. To me, it is also one of those platforms to meet with the Divine as well.

My sessions are guided by the intentions of the participants (that we share in the beginning) as well as the unfolding energy of the group.

I often combine Yoga Nidra and Breath Work to release any tensions and welcome the sound deeper in.



Online and face to face

Many of us are on a path to embrace our fears and release illusions. Perhaps you already experienced the immense love, joy and peace that comes from surrendering to who you truly are - the unique you, with your desires, gifts and quirks.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool because it enables to speak directly to our subconscious mind - to find the root causes to our limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy is also very empowering as we get to make new agreements with ourselves, ones that serve us and our soul-desires. Read more...

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Integrative Breathwork

Breath | Prana | Life Force

Breath is most natural, fundamental, life-giving function of our body. Yet most times, we don't think about it. 

We are neither just a body nor just spirit, but an infusion of both. From the perspective of our personality, we are pulled to explore and embody our Soul. And from the perspective of our Higher Self, we are challenged to be fully embodied in the world of matter.
Our task in these interesting times of evolution of consciousness is to bring Soul and Personality together, in an ever changing dance of experiencing and authentic expression. 
Integrative Breathwork serves that purpose. It combines Pranayama, Re-Birthing, Meditation and Sound Healing, where we allow our intention to lead the way. Such powerful tools for self-exploration that connect us with our inner wisdom and bring empowerment in being in the moment.

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Breath, movement & psycho-shamanic practice

In these themed workshops I combine all my experience and embodied knowing to create nourishing spaces for growth. For women and expectant mothers (these are focused around Yoni) and psycho-shamanic sessions open for all. Please follow the link to check out details for upcoming workshops.

After Yoga Class
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