Archaeologists tell us that the early man was nomadic, following the natural cycles of nature. Their belongings were minimal but they always had musical instruments with them. Sound has such a profound effect on us. We perceive it in the womb before anything else, and hey say that it’s the last sense to go…

I am fascinated with Sounds - the birdsong, voice, ocean waves, heart beat, and the magic of ancient instruments from different corners of our planet.


HEALING REST IN VIBRATIONS OF GONG, BOWLS, DRUM AND VOICE - available as a group experience or a 1-2-1 complimentary therapy modality.


It is a remarkable experience that guides us into the state of awareness that is absolutely free and profoundly nourishing; it is both a homecoming and a release; a settling into the deepest layers of our true state of freedom


Naturally woven in my practice is Yoga Nidra. Translating as “sleep yoga”, it is a special and effortless state of consciousness, a journey within that affects every level of our being. The physical body comes into a state of trance - not quite asleep but not awake either - just resting deeply on the mat. 

Nidra combines deliciously with the power of harmonious frequencies of the sounds. Together they guide the mind into the Theta brainwaves that occur mostly in sleep but are also present in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. This turning inwards is very powerful. It feels like coming home. It is contentment. It is sweet fulfillment.

You might also expect Pranayama; an ancient breathing practice that help us to clear physical and emotional stagnation in the body so that the prana, the life energy can flow freely.

You are invited

Sound Healing is gaining popularity and it’s no surprise as the effects are clearly visible from the first session. No previous experience is necessary.

Lots of research has been conducted to show beneficial effects sound have on our blood cells, brain, muscles, bones and all the systems within our body.

Whatever you are in need of improving - your health or wellbeing, Sound Bath is a beautiful, simple, effective medicine that is gentle and yet profound.

People that come to these sessions always leave rejuvenated and inspired and after a while they often report big transformations happening in their lives. 

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