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Few years ago I realised I was climbing the wrong ladder. I was managing a mental health charity - a beautiful role, so very meaningful and important - for my volunteers, clients, and staff - but I felt exhausted and underpaid. 

It was when my mom died, suddenly, that I received a wake-up call; what am I doing with my life?

So I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to India where I fell in love with a fake guru who conned me out of all my money. I would never have admitted but I was chasing enlightenment, how about that? The stuff he was telling me fed the deepest yearnings within my psyche… And I totally believed it. It was when I was left in Bangkok with £2 - credit and debit cards all maxed out - and I demanded that he gives me my money back (that he “borrowed”) my pink glasses finally fell on the ground with a big bang.

He didn’t give me my money back, he said I was not the goddess he thought I was, that I have money issues I need to solve, and I am bad energy. Ha!

With my last £2 I went to a cafe, one of the few vegan cafes in Khao San Road. It was very busy, and a woman I've met before came to sit with me. I broke down in tears and told her my story. Amazingly, she double-booked her hotels when she was preparing for her trip, she tried to cancel but couldn’t, and she offered it to me! With a roof over my head, I felt that everything was going to be fine! I bought a notepad and a pen, and in that room I started writing my novel. Not about fake guru, but about a journey to personal power, into the heart and womb, through the quirks of being a woman.

Praise for the novel
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