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Your journey starts here.

How much?

The cost is £120 per session, each session is two hours long (£60 per hour).

How often?

You will decide how often we will meet.

  • 2-hours session to explore the symptoms, learn the lessons, take the p...

    2 hr

    240 British pounds
  • 15 minutes consultation where your questions are answered.

    15 min

  • Bespoke Therapy for Physical or Emotional Dis-ease

    6 hr

    580 British pounds
  • Bespoke Therapy for Physical Illness, Emotional Dis-ease & Unhealthy H...

    10 hr

    940 British pounds
Image by Simona Toma


Jeryes, Jewelry Designer

"I never believed that hypnosis is something real, never trusted it's power.


I was in constant chronic pain in my neck, right shoulder and lower back as a result of a car accident in 2012, I was suffering in silence for the last 11 years.


I met Aya this year, she is a hypnotherapist.

I shared with her what i was dealing with and we scheduled a session.


I was very skeptical about it and didn't really believe it could help, but I gave it a chance because I was always trying different healing methods like Yoga, Massage, Breathwork, Ice Baths, etc.

What was the worst thing that could happen? I can heal or I can keep living with the pain.


And that's where the magic really happened.


We went very deep to uncover the core of the pain.

It was just there where all started that I feared of stepping up for myself and claiming my power, I was scared of people judging me and cared about their opinion, that resulted in me inviting this pain and suffering into my life and stored it somewhere in my body.


After bringing the unconscious to the conscious, life became colorful again, pain became source of power and success, I am standing up for myself and setting those firm boundaries while remaining gentle and kind, I started connecting with my body again, listening to it, feeling it deeply, Oh yeah I love myself again.


I'm eternally grateful for this powerful woman, she gave me the access to transform my life into a piece of art.


Blessed you are my dear sister, no words in any language can describe my gratitude."

Are you looking for a holistic approach to cope with physical illness?

With Aya Zebrowska, you can benefit from bespoke therapy sessions that compliment your medical care. Our 3-5 session program is tailored to you and your needs, and is designed to give you the power to change old agreements that are at the root cause of your illness. Through this process, you can find the wisdom behind your symptoms, support your recovery, and prepare for upcoming treatments such as surgery. Our approach is both effective and relaxed, and includes Process Oriented Psychology and Rapid Transformation Therapy.


The foundations of our work is nestled in two modalities:


  1. Utilising the tools of Process Oriented Psychology we will observe and unfold information in the body manifesting as body signals and symptoms. This can provide a vital doorway to emerging patterns and one’s orientation to life’s next stages. This can reconnect us to our spirituality and sense of meaning and purpose, guiding us to a new, more fulfilling way of life.

  2. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy developed by Marisa Peer in England, UK. RTT combines the best principles of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) that offers fast effective results for a range of psychological, psychiatric and physical conditions. These tools allow us to go directly into the very root cause of a physical illness (often a very long time ago) and put you in a powerful position to choose to make changes. As a result, old patterns of behaviour are no longer valid or necessary - making space for healing.


After 2-3 months of completing the program, if you feel you could benefit from a follow-up session, please get in touch - we will either book a free, 30 minutes consultation or the complete 2 hour session if you wish to address a new issue.


Looking forward to seeing you,


Aya Zebrowska

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