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seven days dedicated to

Awakening the High Priestess Within

A truly transformational retreat for women who are tired of limitations stemming from chronic illness. If you are fed up with having to manage physical symptoms and feeling overwhelmed with the toll it has on your emotional wellbeing, work and relationships, then this retreat is for you!

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to significantly improve your quality of life, health and vitality by accessing the latest technologies available to the human psyche. 

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We see chronic illness as a misunderstood influencer, an ally-in-disguise. The source of power within you that is putting you down only because no one taught you how to use it.

We know that this mystery has roots in the subconscious mind - and by using a holistic and tailored approached to healing, we will guide you to learn how to alchemise the illness into your own unique medicine.


Embodying the archetype of High Priestess, you will exercise seeing and feeling that which is not yet revealed. With our tailored support, you will access your intuition and body wisdom to explore unknown aspects of yourself and connect with your true power.


Awakening the High Priestess Within fosters a deep connection to the divine. This  time will be dedicated to building a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, discovering truths that need to come to light, finding harmony between opposing forces and understanding the balance of light and dark that lies within. Together, we will look beyond the surface and unlock the joy, passion and empowerment to set you firmly on your new path.

Joining an intimate group of women; we will immerse in a holistic way of healing- body, mind & soul- that includes alternative therapies, building new neural pathways, a healing diet, our connection with nature and shamanic practices. After 5 days of nurturing support and deep work, you will feel reborn.

“Anything is possible & will be transformed as I meet it in recognition of my true nature”

 - The guides

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Nicci came to my retreat centre in the Algarve, Portugal, here's what she said when I told her about the upcoming ones:

How we know ourselves now depends on three things:

  • who we say we are, 

  • what we agree to, 

  • what we’ve been taught. 


The calamity we are all in is partially brought in by being led to believe that we should be frightened of who we truly are, that we have no right to claim our divinity, our love and our power. 


So how are we going to lift beyond the structures of chronic illness and everything that comes with it?

  • We will lift the fear, 

  • We will end the fear-based agreements we may have with ourselves, 

  • We will plant seeds of joy, vitality and wild freedom.

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Sounds Good?

We understand what it is like to live with chronic illness, and how - bit by bit - the hope to get better dissipates in the fog. You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked long term - caught in the constant struggle of what you want and what you can do. Here's a fail-proof recipe for reclaiming health and wellbeing:


One on one therapy

Prior to your arrival, we will do the most valuable groundwork: we will find the root causes of your chronic illness. This is very important and very exciting: working with the subconscious mind, we will remove the foundations of the condition to clear the way for the 5 days of nurture, nature, and building yourself anew. 


Reset the nervous system, relax the vagus nerve

Restorative practices of Yoga Nidra, Sound Baths, Breath work, connection with nature \, spiritual practices and exquisite company will serve as a soft cushion for our growth. (for more on vagus nerve please check info at the end of the page) 



Working shamanically; using our intuition, imagination and intent, we will deepen our connection with our divine nature and mother Earth:

We are all capable of being the wise ones, healers, priestesses. The seven days together will reawaken our natural abilities to stand in our power, wisdom and intuition. Imagine the solidarity and sense of belonging in a tribe of beautiful women who decided to change how they are defined. This is a strong medicine indeed that can propel us in our transformation.


Honoring the journey so far

We will enter ceremonies to recognise and honour our journeys, to create space for expressing emotions, telling stories and connecting to the mystery of life. We will hold four ceremonies as we journey through the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel - a beautiful and magical way of coming together, acknowledging and celebrating transition into new life.


Healing Foods

Our journey will be supported by a fresh, healthy and delicious menu of anti-inflammatory foods. We chose this option because it will lift digestive health - alleviating symptoms and improving overall energy levels and well-being. This diet will also increase the biodiversity in your gut biome - improving digestion, nutrient absorption, mental health, focus and cognition as well as skin health.


Sacred Plant Medicine

Plants are our great allies, and can open doors where we feel a bit stuck. We will work with some of our favourite sacred plant medicines: Cacao, Sananga, Rape, Rose, Geranium, Frankincense and more. They will help us to cleanse and connect to the mystery of life.


Safe Space

Space feels safe when it's held. You will be held by us, lush nature and the comfort of a carefully chosen accommodation, which offers gorgeous views, comfortable bedrooms, unspoilt nature, clean water and air to breathe - the perfect environment for the expansion of our consciousness to awaken the High Priestess within.

Accommodation & vibes

for comfort, connection with nature and each other x

The power of the feminine is expansive, her focus naturally goes outwards - to nurture and care for. The feminine is inclined to connect to people as well as every aspect of her environment. When developed, the connection can be so deep, it can bring forth wisdom - for example: intuitively knowing the healing properties of a plant - this is what the witches were doing, and before them, the priestesses. 


Priestesses were the feminine aspect of the divine that embodied the creation, the expansion. And then they were forced to stop - their power was so strong, they were feared and therefore shut down by the masculine. That’s why they gathered in the forests - hidden from men, and became witches.


My dear sisters, time is now to gather to remember, to claim our power, sovereignty and deep knowing, so that we can come out of forest-hiding. Claim the inner priestess and support humanity in its evolution: creating a kind, loving, joyful world to live for us all.


Awaken the High Priestess Within marks the end of your old path.

Even the scientists agree that sometimes we have to go down a path that is representative of what we don’t like and don’t want to gain a clear insight into what we prefer. This retreat is your reset button, it’s an opportunity to say "Ok, enough now, I’m ready to re-write my story!"


In order to begin a new life, you need to know who you truly are and claim what’s been lost. One thing is clear: at some point in your childhood, after particular events occurred, you decided you were no longer a child. That you had to take care now, and that you needed to think in a certain way. At that point you stopped playing and you lost your magic. Awaken the High Priestess Within is an invitation and a permission to re-connect, explore, and let yourself be re-known in the light of your truth.


We will connect with our hearts, wombs, nature and each other. The circle of sisters carries a strong medicine and we will drink from it to rejuvenate our powers.


Retreat Schedule

Knowledge is not power; application of knowledge is power. That’s why we gather together - to put the most effective mind & body technologies into action - to create a beautiful relationship with ourselves and nature, and to awaken the deep wisdom within.

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Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome share many similarities in symptoms, patterns, fluctuations, treatments, and potential causes. Both conditions involve chronic pain and fatigue, cognitive impairments, and sleep disturbances, and they often coexist with other overlapping conditions. While treatments focus on symptom management through medications, therapy, and lifestyle modifications, the exact causes of both conditions remain unclear.

Early Bird tickets for this life transforming retreat are available until 05/08/2024, when they're gone they are gone. 
Early Bird: £1,330.73 
Regular price: £1663.41
Join us to alleviate symptoms, connect with your true powers and feel good.
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What's included?

You are going away for 5 days. Included in the price is life-changing access to the latest technologies of the mind, which we will practice during the time together. Full board healing food and accommodation is included. ​​

At the end of the retreat, you will:


  • feel your health improved

  • feel rejuvenated on a body-mind-soul level

  • have experienced a deep connection with nature

  • feel Feel supported and nurtured

  • feel the difference in your body having had fresh, healthy and delicious food to elevate your digestive system

  • feel you transitioned into a new life - feeling re-born

  • you will feel connected with a loving community and experienced profound healing together

  • have experienced the magic of the Medicine Wheel and of the divine within you


If you are going through a long-term chronic illness, it’s very likely that you hold powerful feminine energies waiting to unite you with the divine. Healing the wound is an act of taking the poison out of the system and transforming it into medicine: a process that will activate your potential - the divine within. The poison is power, your power, that you don’t know (yet) how to use consciously.

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