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Bespoke Therapy for Chronic and Life-Threatening Illnesses

Aya Zebrowska - Psychotherapist

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Aya's personalised therapy is designed to enhance your path to healing from physical illness. Embracing the profound connection between mind and body, we will explore the incredible potential of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in shaping your resilience, coping skills and well-being. Together, we will unlock the power of your mind to ignite healing and foster personal transformation. Through immersive techniques like hypnosis and visualization, you'll embark on a journey to rewire your brain, release past traumas and limiting beliefs, and cultivate new neural pathways that nurture your vitality and overall well-being. Whether goals are: improved energy and vitality, enhanced healing and recovery, better stress management and emotional well-being, or positive changes in health markers, I can help you to get where you want to be.

"Aya, you changed my life" 

- N.H. 

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In a nut shell

We work

towards your goals, choice and control is yours.

Sessions are deeply relaxing, with a feel good effect

Using power of the mind to complement & enhance a medical treatment

Fast effects. Changes will be visible to you and your loved ones.

Holistic approach to healing, including mind body and soul

"Aya, you see people beyond the visible, you see their power.

And you bring them a gift of seeing their higher power, their magic. You help them to claim it, stand in it. Thank you so much for your work,

I’m truly grateful."

— KH

"My dearest Aya,

you brought so much love and enlightenment into my life.

You opened my eyes to a whole new world. You helped me to find myself when I was lost.

I genuinely couldn’t be more thankful to have a person like you in my life."

— MM

"You give people the opportunity

to go beyond themselves.

And you do it with huge amounts

of love, care and skill.

It’s all true, I’m your biggest fan."

— HM
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During our sessions

you can expect a personalised and transformative experience designed to address your specific needs and goals. Here's what typically happens during a  therapy session with Aya:


1. First, we'll delve into your motivations for seeking therapy, your aspirations, and the pertinent details of your life journey, experiences, and challenges. This helps me to understand your unique situation and tailor the session to meet your needs effectively. and facilitate meaningful progress toward your goals.


2. Deep Relaxation: Aya often incorporates hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to access the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation, with Alpha and Theta brain waves - similar to when we fall asleep. This part is very calming and will allow us to access deeper levels of awareness and insight.


3. Exploration and Regression: Once in a state of deep relaxation, we will uncover the root causes of the issue. Finding relevant memories that over time snowballed into current concerns is of tremendous importance. 


4. Identification of Limiting Beliefs: the past events we just uncovered will directly lead us to a powerful understanding: the genesis of limiting beliefs and patterns. You see, it's easy to change agreements at their source. At this point, you have a very empowering choice: you can release and replace reasons for current challenges with beliefs of a supportive nature.


5. Transformation and Empowerment: with Aya’s support, you are guided through a process of transformation and empowerment, where you actively participate in rewriting your subconscious programming and creating new, positive associations and beliefs. This may involve incorporating affirmations, visualizations, and other techniques to reinforce the desired changes and anchor them in your subconscious mind for fast and long lasting results.


6. Integration and Follow-Up: After the session, Aya will guide you on integrating the insights and changes gained during the session into your daily life. Depending on your needs and goals, you may receive additional resources, exercises, or recommendations to support your ongoing transformation. Follow-up sessions may also be scheduled to monitor progress and further reinforce the changes made during the initial session.


Overall, a therapy session with Aya offers a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for exploring and addressing any challenges, facilitating profound insights and transformation, and empowering you to create positive change in your life.


Grace was diagnosed with a life life-threatening tumour in her brain, she also had underlying condition of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and anxiety. After just a couple of sessions, the positive changes in her life were almost too quick for her to ease into and were clearly visible in several areas of her life: work,  well-being, energy levels, relationships with her loved ones and physical health.


The fear of undergoing the operation was gone and she was actually enjoying her life despite the risk factors. Her life coach and her friends told her just how much she changed.


A journey from pain and fear into freedom. Grace is very well today, doctors were impressed with her recovery. Here is Grace speaking about her therapy, hope you enjoy it.

Begin Your Holistic Healing Journey

Bespoke therapy service with Aya is aimed at complementing and enhancing the medical treatment of a physical illness. This is a short term therapeutic support consisting of 3-5 sessions with opportunity to have few follow-up sessions.

Our focus can be on chronic symptoms (long-term patterns) as well as serious illness or symptoms that feel scary, bringing about major life challenges and transitions.


We will explore symptoms that are specific to you;

Find the deeper meaning behind the symptoms;

Venture beyond the known and into the roots of the illness to find out how it all started - to give you a chance to heal yourself holistically.

a woman is going into the sunset - begin your holistic healing journey

Ethos & Values

Radical Inclusion

Deep Democracy

Claiming life

Letting go & moving on

Reverence & respect for the body

Breaking the patterns


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How I arrived at doing what I do

My last formal job was in Bristol, UK; I managed a small mental health charity and it felt like the pinnacle of my career. I brought so much joy, passion, innovation and integrity into promoting good mental health, training volunteers and being an inspirational leader for my team of staff. We made a big difference to all Bristolians who attended our peer support groups. 

When I got pregnant I decided to devote 100% time and attention into becoming a mother. I freebirthed my son on my bouncing ball in the spare bedroom of my house, alone, just as I wanted. And I disappeared into motherhood for two years. 

Resurfacing on the other side of nursing my baby boy, when he became a toddler and was keen to enjoy peer interactions, I took time to decide what is it that gives me the most fulfillment (professionally). One memory stood out for me; 

My therapeutic work with Grace, a beautiful woman in early fifties, who was diagnosed with tumor on her hearing nerve. She was informed of the many risks of the surgery, and was told that if she chooses not to have it, she is not going to make it. When she came to me, she was scared - for herself and her son. We had three sessions where we found the root cause for the illness and were able to easily cut all cords. We also programmed her subconscious mind for easy surgery and speedy recovery. It all worked amazingly well, the doctors called her case a miracle.

That was the moment of clarity for me - this is what I want and need to do.

Bespoke Holistic Treatment for Physical Illness

3 - 5 sessions with possibility to arrange a few follow-ups if needed

Exploring diagnosis and what it means to you

Finding the hidden gems behind body symptoms

Dreams work

if linked to illness

Finding the root cause of the illness and changing agreements

Setting up for success (for surgery and/or recovery) if needed

Effects of the work

1 / Emotional uplift

My clients report expansion of love; feeling more self love, self compassion and self acceptance.

2 / Empowerment

My clients report expansion of understanding of the self - the meaning behind the symptoms, reasons for recurring patterns, and who has the power to change it all. Knowledge is power.

3 / Transformation

My clients report change in attitudes, feelings and behaviours. When we go all the way to find the root cause of an illness, and we find those moments in life when we had to deal with overwhelming situations - we witness our little selves making agreements for life. Here is the catch: we are not our little selves. We are all the way grown and we don't need to stick to those agreements any longer. 

When we cut those ties so deep within us, change is effortless; it's just a natural result of new agreements.

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"The transformation with you was so quick, that at first I thought I was bypassing - but checking in, I'm finding no anger at all, so I'm not bypassing, the change actually happened, it was just quicker than I ever imagined."

- N. H.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

I only have capacity to take on 8 clients at a time, but since the program is only 3-5 sessions, the waiting list is not that long.

Book by filling in the intake form and I'll be in touch with you as soon as I can.

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