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Jeryes' Story

I never believed that hypnosis is something real, never trusted its power.

I was in constant chronic pain in my neck, right shoulder and lower back as a result of a car accident in 2012, I was suffering in silence for the last 11 years.

I met Aya this year, She is a hypnotherapist.I shared with her what I was dealing with and we scheduled a session.

I was very sceptical about it and didn't really believe it could help, but I gave it a chance because I was always trying different healing methods like, Yoga, Massage, Breathwork, Ice Baths, etc.What the worst could happen? I can heal or I can keep living with the pain.

And that's where the magic really happened.

We went very deep to uncover the core of the pain.It was just there where it all started that I feared stepping up for myself and claiming my power, I was scared of people judging me and cared about their opinion, that resulted in me inviting this pain and suffering into my life and stored it somewhere in my body.

After bringing the unconscious to the conscious, life became colorful again, pain became a source of power and success, I am standing up for myself and setting those firm boundaries while remaining gentle and kind, I started connecting with my body again, listening to it, feeling it deeply, Oh yeah I love myself again.

I'm eternally grateful for this powerful woman, she gave me the access to transform my life into a piece of art.

Blessed you are my dear sister, no words in any language can describe my gratitude.

Dead Sea, Israel, Man floating

I currently have space for two clients, please get in touch for more info, with love, Aya Zebrowska.

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