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Nici's Story

white camper in a coastal setting
Nici's Freedom to be herself :)

When Nici asked for a session, she felt like she had an invisible cloud over her life, blocking her emotional well being, her relationships and career. We only had two sessions over 2 weeks, and her transformation was absolute. This is Nici’s Story, transcribed from spoken word, early October 2023:

“When I came to see Aya, my whole life felt like something was weighing me down, something was holding me back. And I didn’t know what it was.

And I did a lot of healing; tried different tools and methods but no one was able to tell me what was wrong. No one until I met Aya.

Aya did so much for me; she gave me the key that I needed to unlock my life - before meeting and having a session with Aya, I didn't know what to do, I didn’t know what was wrong, and so I didn’t know how to make things better for myself. Aya not only helped me to see clearly, she also helped me to erase the heaviness out of my system, out of my body.

Thanks to this therapy I am experiencing true self love, happiness and faith in myself, environment and the universe. It is OK now to feel the way that I feel and not be ashamed.

It is now OK to open up and to be myself.

There were so many blockages within me, and they were taking a lot of space within me, limiting my choices, relationships, how I communicate and what I get from life.

The effects of this healing journey are not just with my emotional well-being. I am a physiotherapist with a gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Through this hypnosis journey everything has cleared and I have so much space inside me to receive precise messages from the Spirit. And now I can actually see the messages for what they are, and I can differentiate them from fear or from the energy of others. I can receive them in their clear form and now I can communicate with them in a wider spectrum - things that were previously unavailable to me now are possible and easy.

Now that I'm free from my emotional fog, I can see the signs, I can connect with the Spirit on a whole new level, and I trust that I am safe and always will be safe.”

During the first session, Nici uncovered the memories from childhood that she erased from her conscious mind. She often inquired about not remembering a lot of her childhood, but never found the answers. The second session was dedicated to cutting all the cords, reclaiming her power, and making new agreements for a life aligned with her soul’s purpose.

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